Artifical Grass Carpet

A form of carpeting that mimics the look and feel of real grass is artificial grass carpet, commonly referred to as synthetic turf or fake grass. It is created from artificial materials, most frequently polyethylene or polypropylene, which are created to resemble the appearance and feel of genuine grass blades. The minimal maintenance needs of artificial grass carpet are one of its key benefits. It does not require routine watering, mowing, or fertilising like genuine grass does. Most of the time, keeping the surface clean and looking good only requires the occasional hosing off or brushing. This carpet is typically utilised in outdoor spaces including roofs, balconies, gardens, and yards. It is nonetheless also gaining popularity for interior uses like playrooms, indoor sports facilities.

Artificial Grass Lawn Carpet

Our provided Artificial Grass Lawn Carpet is used in residential, commercial and corporate sector as an excellent alternative to real grass. It is praised due to their low maintenance and visual appeal, which is mainly used in outdoor setting for lawns and other landscaping needs. The uses of artificial grass have really grown and it is now being used in a variety of ways and it is not limited to outdoor use but is commonly used in indoors use also. Our offered Artificial Grass Lawn Carpet is highly appreciated due to their captivating appearance and for their unique quality.

Residential Artificial Grass Carpet

This Residential Artificial Grass Carpet is synthetic carpet which looks like natural grass. It is used outside the areas, which does not required irrigation as well as trimming. Further, it provides better comfort level compared to other local mats. Our offered grass carpet eliminates spots, sticking mud, bad odor due to the fact that they can be washed easily. Our provided Residential Artificial Grass Carpet is praised for their unique features like create a green and vibrant lawn, environmental friendly, UV stabilized designed and enhance property valued and long lasting.


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